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Accessing Dynamic CAM info on CatOS vs IOS...

Graham Land
Regular Advisor

Accessing Dynamic CAM info on CatOS vs IOS...

I'm trying to read the Dynamic Cam Information using SNMP and WMI for our Catalyst switches.

I've used Cisco's Document ID 13492 as a guide.

I transformed the necessary mibs to mofs and compiled them into the SNMP namespace.

The code that I've generated works perfectly on our CatOS switches but does not return the VLAN list from IOS devices. The code should be the same for both!

I've manually 'snmp walked' through the steps and they work fine (using NNM snapwalk). I only get the problem when I try to access the IOS device through the WMI SNMP Provider. It only appears to be caused when I'm using the Cisco-VTP-Mib.

I can access the IF-MIB details fine on the IOS systems through WMI.

Is there some reason why I cannot access the CAM table on IOS devices using the WMI SNMP PRovider, yet I can access it from the command line?

Thank You,
Graham Land.