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Admin edge port and BPDU Filter

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Admin edge port and BPDU Filter

My co-worker and I inherited a previous co-workers mess... and are trying to figure out why he hard set this all over the place on the switches...

spanning-tree B19 bpdu-filter
spanning-tree B20 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree B20 bpdu-filter
spanning-tree B21 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree B21 bpdu-filter
spanning-tree B22 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree B22 bpdu-filter
spanning-tree B23 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree B23 bpdu-filter
spanning-tree B24 admin-edge-port
spanning-tree B24 bpdu-filter

Isnt enabling spanning tree in it self good enough...
All the ports he did this on seem to have pc's or servers connected directly to them.
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Re: Admin edge port and BPDU Filter


if you connect clients to the mentioned ports I recommend the following settings:

spanning-tree bpdu-protection
spanning-tree admin-edge-port

"BPDU Protect" feature will protect your ports i.e. against rogue switches.
"Admin Edge" feature will save you 3 seconds when bringing a port online

"BPDU filter" is not recommended, because you might filter some BPDUs which you might need for detecting loops.



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