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Advice on Setting Up Basic vLAN

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Matthew Butt
Occasional Contributor

Advice on Setting Up Basic vLAN

Hi Guys,

I hope your all well. A quick email to ask for some advice on setting up a vLAN on a HP 2610-48 switch please.

In short, the switch is being used straight out of the box with the standard configuration currently with all traffic being uplinked through port 50. We require an additional uplink port, 49 to be used by several of the lower ports and therefore I believe I need to setup a seperate vLAN for this.

Cards on the table I have no idea how to do this and a step by step guide would be very much appreciated. I currently have access via the web interface but I could use CLI if needed.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Advice on Setting Up Basic vLAN

Here is basic CLI commands, using switch prompt of "2610"

2610> enable
2610# config
2610(config)# vlan 10
2610(vlan-10)# untag 1-10
2610(vlan-10)# untag 49
2610(vlan-10)# end
2610# write mem

this creates vlan 10, puts those ports into vlan 10 for device (computers, etc) use, saves the config.

Get this CLI ref guide, it shows how to configure HP ProVision, HP Comware5 and Cisco switches for lots of different functions, in a side-by-side comparison, so if you know one CLI, you see how to do it in a different CLI:


Matthew Butt
Occasional Contributor

Re: Advice on Setting Up Basic vLAN

Thanks for all your help Jeff, much appreciated and all is working great. Have a good weekend.