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Adviced setup HP2810 switches

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Adviced setup HP2810 switches

I'm wondering if some of you can help me in the right direction by the folowing setup:

2x HP2810-48 as a core switch (server access)
4x HP2810-48 as access switch (workstation access)

I would like to make the setup as simple as possible, but require redundancy in that matter that one linkfailure does not stop my network from working. Also the core switches are used for redundancy : each connected server will connect nic1 to switch1 and nic2 to switch2.

Best way of connecting the switches (core)
Best way of connecting the switches (access)
VLAN setup between core and access switches

Thanks in advance!
Saint Maxin
Occasional Advisor

Re: Adviced setup HP2810 switches

can you make a schema to better see your network ? (with your servers and switchs)