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Allow all VLANs on trunk

Soeren Harms
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Allow all VLANs on trunk



I have multiple LCAP trunks between a 5406zl and 2848 switches.

Do I have to add each vlan on each trunk separately or can I allow all VLANs on this trunks?


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Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: Allow all VLANs on trunk

Since procurve does port-per-vlan you will have to add all the vlans. Other vendors does this the other way around, vlan-per-port, where you can specify to allow all vlans on certain ports. To my knowledge you cannot do this in procurve.

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Richard Litchfield
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Re: Allow all VLANs on trunk

Like Frederik, I haven't seen a way to do an equivalent of "permit vlan all" on a port with the ProCurve range. There are probably a few ways to do this efficiently though, here are a few:

  • enable gvrp on both devices (gvrp does not appear to be supported on the 2800 series though)
  • do a copy/paste from a notepad file with commands such as
    vlan 10 untagged trk1,trk3-trk5
    vlan 20 tagged trk1,trk3-trk
    vlan 30 tagged trk1,trk3-trk