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Another LACP Question!

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Another LACP Question!

Hey peeps.

Have several customer sites running various hp products around the place ranging from 2626's to 5308's. The site with 5308's isn't having any issues since they're using LACP to hook 2 5308's and 1 4108 together but, in nearly all the other sites i'm finding that they're having issues with LACP resetting ports all over the show to the extent that it's significantly affecting their overall system performance!
Obviously the resolution is to disable LACP where necessary which i have done but, a combination of my own personal want to know and having to explain / justify my actions and recommendations to my customers (particularly when it means bringing their network down if its their core switch as the ports reset themselves) means i need to know what causes the problem!
Having finally tracked down someone in hp support that had actually heard of LACP the only explanation they could / would offer was that they believed that it conflicted with some types of multicast traffic. An interesting comment but doesn't really help me very much! lol! Anyone on here able to offer something a little more descriptive, informative and technical?
Any responses would be greatly received!

Cheers :)
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Matt Hobbs
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Re: Another LACP Question!

Some clients are sensitive to the slight forwarding delay that LACP causes when a port comes online. With the newer products (5400/3500 etc) they now disable passive LACP by default.

Personally I've never had an issue with passive LACP being enabled for edge ports (Windows based networks), but it's always the first thing to disable if there is any link reliability issues.

Check out this page for some great recommendations: