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Another NMI Error!

Occasional Advisor

Another NMI Error!

I installed a PCI-based PCMCIA Adapter (RICOH Chipset) into my system, then tried to use Merlin U630 Data-Card with it...

But heck I always get that NMI memory/parity-check error, and VFM (Vodafone Mobile Connect) says "The SIM is not ready."! I'm very sure it's NOT the SIM's fault, and I don't think it's the PCI slot where the data-card is put too.

Is my data-card malfunctions? Or the adapter? Or what???

I'm still on a Compaq Deskpro EN SFF C600e anyway...

Please help me, I've been asking but no one seems to be able to even say a word, :(
I Need Your Help