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Authentication service

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Authentication service

As we're migrating more and more from our old infrastructure to our ProCurves, I need to let a few of the other little buggers here get access to the switches :).

I'm considering getting a TACACS+ server, to
avoid managing usernames/passwords on every switch.

Any recommendations for a server?
I have no experience whatsoever with TACACS.
There are only 6 of us, and we currently have no other use for TACACS, so buying a big, lumpy and expensive solution is out of the question.
Is it just overkill to do this in the first place?

Anders RM :)
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Authentication service

If you have a Windows 2000/2003 Server you can use IAS (RADIUS) instead and tie it into your AD. It's quite straight-forward to setup, I like it.
Regular Advisor

Re: Authentication service

That would be a very good idea indeed.

I missed that possibility entirely, judging from the 3400 spec sheet, I thought it only supported RADIUS for port access.

Thanks very much!
Anders :)