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Automated TFTP

Bjorn Tore Paulen
Frequent Advisor

Automated TFTP

I try to make a script on a Linux server to parallell upgrade several switches with the latest release of OS. Do the 25xx and 53xx have an internal name for the existing OS, i.e. 'flash.swi' or something?

What about the running config?
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Re: Automated TFTP

If your are writing your script in perl with ssh or telnet module, you don't need to know the internal switch image name.
You just have to :
- login on a switch
- send a command like "copy tftp flash [tftp_server_IP_address] [image_filename_on_the_server]"
- confirm erase of the flash
- wait the validating and writing process is down on the switch
- confirm the reboot of the switch

For 53xx, there is a primary and a secondary flash, default is primary, but you can had the "secondary" parameter for copying image on the secondary flash - be careful with backward-compatibility if the switch boot on a previous image release.

The HP toptools module "Download Manager" should be able to manage multiple switch upgrades, but you need a read/write SNMP community.