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BL460c Boinding mode4 and HP-E5406zl LACP

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BL460c Boinding mode4 and HP-E5406zl LACP


   We are trying to setup a bonding mode 4 (link aggregate) with two nics and a E5406zl.


   This switch is connected to other (brocade) using a 2x10Gb trunk LACP that works fine. We can access to both nics (eth0,eth1).


   The fisrt step has been to create a truck LACP with the port involved in the nic connections (BL1 conected to A1 B1, Bl2 to A2,B2...BL24 to A24, B24)

   Using the "Menu" option, with have configure port A1 and B1 belong to trunk1 LACP...A24,B24 to trunk24 LACP.


   After the LACP deploy we cannot acces to any interface, can no access to bond interface configures on linux server


  Showing the LACP:


HP-E5406zl(config)# show lacp


          LACP      Trunk     Port                LACP      Admin   Oper
   Port   Enabled   Group     Status    Partner   Status    Key     Key
   ----   -------   -------   -------   -------   -------   ------  ------
   A2     Active    Trk2      Blocked   No        Failure   0        291   
   B2     Active    Trk2      Up        Yes       Success   0        291  


  Trunk 2 untagged to default vlan


#show running config


trunk A2,B2 Trk2 LACP

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged A1,A3-A24,B1,B3-B24,C1-C24,D1-D24,Trk2,Trk100-Trk101
   ip address

spanning-tree Trk2 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk100 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk101 priority 4


Any Idea how to solved this issue? Is the STP blocking the A1 port??




regards, Iban

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Re: BL460c Boinding mode4 and HP-E5406zl LACP

Change it from "LACP" to "TRUNK" and see if it's any different.