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BPDU filter problems on 2600

David B. P.

BPDU filter problems on 2600

I have connected recently a Procurve 2600 switch to a customer's cico catalyst through a single trunk. The customer has on the catalyst the bpduguard feature enabled on the port and I have the bpdufilter enabled on the 2600 port. However, the 2600 is still sending a BPDU everytime the port is enabled and the catalyst disables the port automatically. Until then, this trunk was connected on our side in a Catalyst 2960 and it was working fine with the bpdu-filter enabled. Has someone experienced this problem? I need to fix it as the customer does not want to enable bpdu-filter on his side and wants to remain with the bpdu-guard protection. I will not be able to migrate from Catalyst to Procurve unless I find how to solve this problem.

My switch is running H.10.45 image.

Olaf Borowski
Respected Contributor

Re: BPDU filter problems on 2600


With BPDU filter enabled, the switch should not be sending out BPDUs. Is this only when the port comes up, meaning one BPDU? Or does it keep on sending BPDUs? You might also want to update the switch to 10.50. Problem might have been known and fixed.
David B. P.

Re: BPDU filter problems on 2600

I *think* that only happens when the port cames up but I have not done exhaustive tests. I decided to upgrade to the last version yesterday and early tests shows that now is working fine, I will try to connect again the trunk to the customer and see what happens.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: BPDU filter problems on 2600


Just keep in your mind another idea for testing this situation is,

When you enable BPDU protection (BPDU guard), on a port, it will not send or receive BPDUs

So if we assume that you didn't enabled it on the Cisco side, it will be received on the 2600 side, and the switch will treats it as an unauthorized transmission attempt and shuts down that specific port.

and it will also generate an event message as logging and an SNMP notification trap is generated.

If the BPDU protection is not working on sending it should not work also on receiving.

There are BPDU filters that can applied also on the Cisco and ProCurve switch (but without any protection action like blocking the port).

Good Luck !!!
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