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Basic questions regarding setup

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J. Rens
Occasional Contributor

Basic questions regarding setup

Hi All,

Since I'm a self educated admin, and coming from an basic small network with unmanaged switches background, I have a lot to learn still.

Our company now has 4 shops, with in total 8 2626 switches.

In our main office, we have 5 2626's tied together trough their GigE ports. I've never done any VLAN setup on them, and wonder if I should do this, to make it an big 120 port switch. I also want to implement QoS on all our switches, so I can have better response times for our database system, during big loads.

What I think now, is that I should setup the vlan first, before I can setup the QoS, is that right? And how would I setup the QoS for tcp 5003 (FileMaker)?

Thanks for your time in advance,
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Basic questions regarding setup

Hi Jacco,

As your network stands right now with the 5 switches connected, they are all part of the same broadcast domain in VLAN 1.

For now I would keep it simple and leave everything in VLAN 1. With that many ports there normally wouldn't be any performance problems.

All you need to do now to prioritise tcp port 5003 at the moment is to add this on each switch:

Syntax: qos < udp-port | tcp-port > < tcp or udp port number > priority < 0 - 7 >

2626(config)# qos tcp-port 5003 priority 5

This will look for any tcp packets on that port number and forward them out the medium priority queue (6 and 7 are the highest priority).

If you want to look further into VLANs, I would recommend you read that chapter and the QoS chapter from the Advanced Traffic Management guide:


You may also benefit from some ProCurve training - start at the primer and then I would recommend you find out if you can attend an Adaptive Edge Fundamentals course if possible: