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Basic switch configuration

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Basic switch configuration

I am trying to get an old hp 2524 to work

i configured my laptop with address and connected it to port 2 of the switch

I configured a vlan 2 on the switch with ip address

I tagged port 2 in vlan 2

I tried to ping the switch from the laptop and vice versa but get no respons.

Can anybody tel me what is missing in my HP switch config??

This is the current switch config

switch# sh runn

Running configuration:

; J4813A Configuration Editor; Created on release #F.05.17

hostname "switch"
cdp run
ip default-gateway
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
untagged 2,25
ip address dhcp-bootp
tagged 1,3-24,26
vlan 2
name "VLAN2"
untagged 1,3-24,26
ip address
tagged 2,25
no aaa port-access authenticator active


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Re: Basic switch configuration

Hello, you will need to configure your switchport as an untagged member of vlan 2.  If the port will only connect to devices that send traffic on a single vlan (a laptop/pc) then it needs to be an untagged member of the vlan.

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Re: Basic switch configuration

Tnx, that did the trick, i misunderstood the meaning of tagged & untagged