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Beginner's networking

Samantha Gore
Occasional Visitor

Beginner's networking

I have 2 Presario 700s with Ethernet cards running Windows XP that I want to network together.

I have a crossover cable and when I plug it in both PCs recognise that there is an active LAN connection.

But how do I configure the master PC so the 2nd PC recognises it as host? I've tried the XP Network setup wizards with no luck.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Beginner's networking


Are you just trying to share files are or you trying to get Internet Connection Sharing to work?

On each XP open up what we used to call a MSDOS Window. I'm not sure what XP calls it but you can get one by start/run/cmd and then hit enter.

Now type:

ipconfig /all

Does it show the IP address of the Local Area Connection?

If so write it down. Also get the mask and the gateway info. Let's say the one pc is XP1 and the other is XP2. The IP address of XP1 we will call XP1IP. That of XP2 is then XP2IP. From the same cmd window on XP1 type:

ping XP2IP

If you get a reply then your LAN is good. If not post your ipconfig info and I will tell you where to go from there.

If IPCONFIG does not show an IP address then you may not have installed TCP/IP or the adapter correctly and we will have to reinstall them.

Enough for now.

Samantha Gore
Occasional Visitor

Re: Beginner's networking

Dear Ron, thanks for the info. I did try pinging both PCs earlier but it timed out.

The ethernet cards came ready installed in the PCS so I haven't installed TCP/IP drivers or anything, I'm presuming that's also pre-installed since XP seems to come with everything.

I don't have access to the othe PC for now so I shall send you the ipconfig info in a few days if that's OK.

My main aim is just to share files. Having shared internet and printer access would be handy but not essential.

Thanks again, Samantha
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Beginner's networking


How do you access the internet? Dialup or broadband (DSL/Cable)?

I imagine it's dialup, in which case you can use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on either system to share the internet. I urge you to wait until the file sharing problem is resolved.

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