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Branch switch option for a 4100gl

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Branch switch option for a 4100gl

We have an almost fully populated - except the FC ports - 4160gl, it serves as our main switch for our entire floor. It seems I will have to set up a branch for a small group of people ~4-5 floors below (20-25m max) and most likely I'll have access to the service shaft going down in the building (that's where our internet connections come up too.)
What'd be the best option for a switch down there?
There will be initially 6-8 machines, all must have 1000T connection but later it could go up to 20-25 machines. I'm thinking about buying a 4140gl (the half-sized version of our 4160gl) and setting up a trunked 4-8Gb link - probably utilizing my unused fiber ports of our 4160gl here - but I'm not sure it's the best solution, let alone the price/performance ratio... thanks in advance!
Mohieddin Kharnoub
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Re: Branch switch option for a 4100gl


The new J9028A - ProCurve switch 1800-24G is a good choice, it has 24 ports 10/100/1000, and 2 dual personality, you can use these 2 to establish a fiber trunk line with 2 Gig to the 4160 Switch.

Later on, if you have more than 24 employees, you can add one more, and cascade these 2 1800-24G switches together, and use the 4 dual personality ports for connection to the core.

In your choice the 4140gl with 4-8 Giga trunk, you need in this case the 4104 Switch, and one module 10/100/1000 20 ports, and one more module 6 ports mini Gbic to have the trunk of 4-8 giga , i think your price became more than 4500$, and one more thing, you have only 20 ports 10/100/1000, if you need more then you need another module :)

1st option is cheap, easy to use, and scalable.
2nd option is expensive, more advance, more flexible (modular switch).
Other options also available using 2800 series, 3400 or 3500 ....

Good Luck !!!
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Re: Branch switch option for a 4100gl

You're right, it's probably smarter to start with something cheaper first... maybe they will never be more than 5-6 people anyway. :)