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Bridge aggregation misconfiguration

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Bridge aggregation misconfiguration

Hello all, I not too advanced in knowledge regarding layer 3 HP switches, I made a discovery bridge aggregation on one port four ports. 

I am not certain of the switch model neither. I am sure this doesn't help my case. Between two switches, connecting via fiber, is an old Bridge aggregation administratively turned off. I presume this was left for reference via a predecessors. 

Looking through the system I noticed one of the four was turned on. I honestly don't to what extent this would have on the switch, but was hoping someone could give a little insight or opinion. 

I appreciate it. 

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Re: Bridge aggregation misconfiguration

If you share the config with us, we can comment.

Basically, a link aggregation can be configured, but with no ports assigned to it. Or it has ports, but those ports are off. Or some are off. Or the ports are all active but the aggregated link is not active, for some reason.
The switch doesn't care, nor does the traffic.

I wouldn't worry too much about how it is currently configured, I would worry more about what *you* want to be configured.

If you want aggregated links, design what you want from scratch and implement it.

If you don't want it, delete the redundant config to clean up your switch config.