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Bridging between VLANS

Dennis Pike
Occasional Visitor

Bridging between VLANS

We are trying to test a computer product, which broadcasts over the corporate LAN. This is the normal intent of the product. However to set up 5 or 6 of these, I have been asked to localize the broadcasts via the use of segments / routers. I was thinking I could simply make VLANS for each device (and associated PC???s) on our 5308XL. But of course that makes separate segments, which no longer communicate, back to the DEFAULT_VLAN. So now I need to get all the VLANS communicating back to the DEFAULT_VLAN somehow. Then I can apply ACL's (Access Control Lists) per VLAN, which will block the broadcast port on each segment (in this case it is port 55555). How do I bridge these smaller VLANS back to the DEFAULT_VLAN? Do I need to buy routers for each one? Can the Procurve 5308XL do this somehow? Thanks for any help.
Joaquin Gil de Vergara
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Re: Bridging between VLANS

VLANs are intended are separate broadcast domains, and broadcast traffic can't be routed between different networks.... try to use IGMP traffic (multicast) instead

i think that you can't do this.....
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