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Brocade 4/12 Fabric Switch

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Brocade 4/12 Fabric Switch

I am trying to upgrade a Brocade 4/12 SAN Switch, HP part number AE370A.
Currently I am on firmware 5.3.0d and I have contacted HP support and received 6.0.0c

I have placed and extracted this file on my linux box. Then I log into the San Switch and run firmwaredownload. I put in all the answers to the questions that are required. The end of the path to the firmware I also insert /release.plist but the error message I receive is:

Checking system settings for firmwaredownload...
Protocol selected: FTP
Trying address-->AF_INET IP:, flags : 2
The server is inaccessible or firmware path is invalid. Please make sure the server name or IP address, the user/password and the firmware path are valid. If SCP is selected, SSH server must support password authentication.

For the user name I have used root and my own user name but the message above still shows up
Any ideas
Ross Hanson
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Brocade 4/12 Fabric Switch

Just a long shot but have you tested ftp access to the server from another client?
Trusted Contributor

Re: Brocade 4/12 Fabric Switch

Hello Ross,

Here is the command line that works for me "firmwaredownload -p scp ,,/release.plist,"

Can you post your command line?

Hope this helps.

-Thank You