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Building a 5400zl lite edition

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Building a 5400zl lite edition


I don´t know whether this will work, so please comment.

Instead of buying one 5400zl switch, I´d like to take a 24 port 3500yl and put some layer 2 24 port switches in each port.

So, the setup would look like this:

[3500yl(port17)]---[1400(port1)]---[several devices on all ports (computer, voip phones)]

What kind of protection mechanism will still run?

- 802.1x (web,mac)for all connected devices?
- tagged voip vlan
- tagged other vlans
- guest vlan
- QoS
- DHCP Snooping
- Dynamic ARP Protection
- Dynamic IP Lockdown
- Virus Throttle with IP Lockdown

The next problem would be to get LACP working between the 3500yl and the connected 24 L2 switch, as there´s only 1GBIT and one cable between them.
With a 1400, it is not possible, so I have to take a basic layer 3 switch, e.g. the 1800 series.
The question is, whether all those nice protection feature would still be passed through the 1800?