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C7000 cisco 3020 design question

Reto Krucker
Frequent Advisor

C7000 cisco 3020 design question

Hi there

We bought two new C7000 enclosures with half-height servers and four (two per chassis) cisco 3020 switches.
Now I have to connect them to the Network (to a cisco 3700 switch)

There are two scenarios:
1. connect them directly to the 3700
2. connect them to two HP 2810 switches, which are connected to the 3700

The goal is, to get the max. redundancy with fast network speed.
some facts:
-90% of Traffic is between Servers (because of citrix metaframe)
-we like to have 2Gbit/s per server
-all eight gigabit ports (per switch) are free and can be used

How would you interconnect the switches under each other?
Which protocol do I have to use (STP?!?)?
Which Team Type / Load Balancing Method do I have to use?