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C7000 with 2x 3120 Active/Active or Active/Passive

James Conaway
Occasional Advisor

C7000 with 2x 3120 Active/Active or Active/Passive

I have a C7000 enclosure with 2x 3120 cisco switches that are connected to each other for redundancy.

They are currently configured as Active/Passive which means that one switch has it's uplink ports green and the other switch's uplink ports are amber. The amber lighted switch goes green/active once the active switches cables are pulled.

The question I have is it possible to configure the switches to be active/active so that they both can handle traffic from the enclosure at the same time?

I am being told that is not best practice and that the way it is configured is the best way. Can someone please confirm?

Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: C7000 with 2x 3120 Active/Active or Active/Passive

redundancy in most situations means active/stand-by.

possibly now you have the cross-links between the two switches active?
as your hosts allready are redundantly connected to both switches, then you don't need the crosslink.
see attachment.

other possibility is to configure your hosts in multiple networks/vlan's.
so you can configure spanning-tree to use uplink-1 for vlan-1 and uplink-2 for vlan-2.
and the crosslink + other uplink as backup-path.