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Sorry I know this has been rehashed many times on this forum... but I have a more specific question re using CDP vs LLDP. I have 2 delemas that prevent me from upgrading firmware any further
1) end of support for non HP and HP A revision mini GBIC on some models
2) end of support for CDP
For both these reasons I have locked the firmware on all my switches (that support CDP) to the last revision that has CDP.

I manage over 350 switches at nearly 60 sites and the mapping feature of PCM2.1 is invaluable. Unfortunately I can't eliminate a few models including some Cisco 3550/2950's (as they are our demarc for our WAN provider), as well as some older HP models ie 2500's 4000m's.
My concern is if I drop CDP and go to LLDP at all my sites I may not be able to map the Cisco's or some of the older HP's (especially if they are mid tier).
I assume that the Cisco's, 2500's and 4000m's will be seen by their neighbors, but if I have a long string of 2500's using stacking modules or 4000m's in mid tier, the devices behind them will not map with LLDP.
Are my assumptions correct?
Holger Hasenaug
Trusted Contributor


Scince release of F.05.60 of the ProCurve 2500 LLDP is supported also in receive mode. But the LLDP information received is stored in the CDP MIB. The 4000M are only supporting CDP.

Also have in mind that Cisco just released a new firmware for their 3750, 3560, 2970, 2960 series switches supporting LLDP and of course CDP.