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COS 802.1p to DSCP

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COS 802.1p to DSCP

Hi All,

We have Qos for voice set up on 5400 / 3500 switches via COS on voice vlan on edge switches and then distribution switches maintains priority for the voice packets via 802.1p bits received on tagged links.

There is a need to connect a couple of remote sites thru service provider WAN that will provide routed circuits and hence requires us to handoff these voice packets going to remote sites with DSCP 46. So at the core switches where the WAN router will connect, we need to convert the 802.1p COS 7 priority into DSCP46.

I am assuming I need to create a dscp map to cos (for incoming traffic from WAN to our core switch) as follows on the core switch.

qos dscp-map 101110 priority 7

this should then put the incoming dscp 46 marked voice packets into first queue and set its COS 802.1p priority to be 7 to be used inside network switches.

However, how do I convert voice traffic going over to WAN from my core switch (from 802.1p cos 7) to dscp 101110 (46/EF)?

Thanks for your help.