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Cannot connect to switch-4000m

Chris Zaugg
Occasional Visitor

Cannot connect to switch-4000m

I have 2 4000m switches, and I have connected them to a Windows 2000 server. It has handed out an IP address via DHCP, but I cannot ping, telnet, hyperterminal, web access or serial cable into the switch management program. Anyone have any idaes...I'd sure appreciate it!
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot connect to switch-4000m


In DHCP environments the HP ProCurve Switch 4000m can set the end node default gateway setting to the same IP address as the end node.

The switches do this by changing the default gateway field of the DHCP packets as they travel through the switch.

So, is your 4000m has a Routing running, and Vlans? if so, check the settings of the DHCP Server becasue if the DHCP server itself allows setting the default gateway to the end node address it is better to use the DHCP server this way rather than the Automatic Gateway Configuration in the switch.

More detailes are about your setup, and configuration will be usefull.

Good Luck !!!
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Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot connect to switch-4000m

If whatever configuration you have running on the switches is not important to you, try a factory reset:

1. Hold the reset button in.
2. Hold clear in.
3. Release reset - wait for self test to start blinking
4. Release clear.

After the reset the switch should get an IP address from your DHCP server which you can then telnet to or go through the web interface.

For your serial console, make sure you are using a null modem type cable, and in your terminal program just pressing enter a few times should bring up the console.

If there is a password on the switch, hold in the clear button for a second to clear it.