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Cannot ping/telnet to 4104gl and 4108gl

Alan Skaarup_1
Occasional Contributor

Cannot ping/telnet to 4104gl and 4108gl

Frequently you cannot ping the switches for 5-15 sec.
Equipment connected to the switches you can ping.
Its a flat network, no routing and 3 x 4100 and 4 x 2650 switches.
4100 sw version G.07.93.
2650 sw version H.08.72.

(Before the 4100 was upgraded from V.7.79 the hole network was down 5-15sec. and the MAC fx. of a PC had gone from the MAC table in the switch.)
I am not onsite the lokation, but still suspect the MAC table.
Has anyone seen some like it?

Thomas Bianco
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot ping/telnet to 4104gl and 4108gl

i'd suspect you've got a CPU load problem. but some background first.

you mentoned this is a flat network. are you running Spanning Tree? is this a Star Pattern network? which is the core switch? what's your uplink speed?

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