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Cannot stack 3400 series switches ... hmmmm

Colin Higgins
Occasional Contributor

Cannot stack 3400 series switches ... hmmmm

I just added a new 3400cl switch to my network. I currently have a stack of 6 switches, and everything is working fine.

The new switch can communicate with the stack commander just fine (there is a LACP trunk set up between them). They can ping each other and telnet to each other. Both are set with the same password.

When I go into stack management on the commander and select "add," I see the new switch as an available member--but when I try to add it, I get an error saying the new switch did not respond.

I then tried to manually add the new switch to the stack by using the "stack join" command on it. It took the command, but when I went into stack status, it says "failed."

Any advice would be great--I am a bit confused here!