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Piero Sironi
Occasional Contributor


Hi all,
just a question....
I'm MASE (2006) and now i want to upgrade my certifications to MASE 2008.

On smart portal i find all exams that i need to upgrade my certification.

The question is:
It's possible to have the course's manuals for home study or i have only to go in classroom to take new manuals?

Niels Vejrup Pedersen
Respected Contributor

Re: Certification


Of course it is possible to do self study - IF you have the equipment to do some labs, or if you have plenty of everyday-hands-on with the products.

Piero Sironi
Occasional Contributor

Re: Certification

I have all Procurve products to make labs, but i haven't any certification manuals.

I have only tecnical manual
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Certification

ProCurve (at least in US) does sell the student guides for their courses, but not the lab guides...

as someone else commented, having the equipment and understanding what it does can assist...

also, there are Exam Preparation Guides for each test available...they provide sample test questions, that could assist you in studying for a test...

the are not alot of differences between MASE 2006 and 2008 other than some products and features enhancements...