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Change ip address on 2300N printer

Megan Harris
Occasional Contributor

Change ip address on 2300N printer

Hi- I need to change the Ip address on the network card on 2 2300n printers. (replacing network cards) Can some one email me link to instructions, please?

Thank You
Rich S
Honored Contributor

Re: Change ip address on 2300N printer

Hi Megan,

try this:

Configuring a Printer for Windows XP:
To access a networked printer from Windows, select

Start -> [ Settings -> ] Printers

In the Address: area near the top of the Printers window enter

Select the printer you wish to use from the displayed printers. You will be asked if it is ok to load drivers for the printers. Say yes. The printer is installed and you can handle it as any other windows printer. You do not need to have drivers or do any special configuration.

If you can't see \\print-server, and you haven't used RCF shared folders on your computer, you need to enable the RCF WINS server:

Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections
Right-Click Local Area Connection -menu-> Properties
In ...items: double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Click the [Advanced] button -> Select the Wins tab
Click [ Add ] and enter as WINS server:
Click [ Add ]
Select the DNS tab
Check Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes
Check Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix
DNS suffix for this connection: rsmas.miami.edu

Caveat: You can not change the configuration of these printers. If you need an alternate configuration (e.g. different trays) contact RCF with specific configuration needs.
Caveat: Windows 98 only works with print queue names of 8characters or less (discovered late in the game). Many of our
que names are longer than that.


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