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Changing switch managment IP via telnet

Alan Skaarup_1
Occasional Contributor

Changing switch managment IP via telnet

2800 switch - How do you change the managment IP via a telnet, I got this messsage:
The IP address (or subnet) already exists.

On a Cisco you can...
vlan 30
ip address
management-vlan 30

ux3.160s01# conf te
ux3.160s01(config)# vlan 30 ip address
The IP address (or subnet) already exists.
ux3.160s01(config)# sh ver
Image stamp: /sw/code/build/mako(f04)
Nov 19 2004 09:54:10
Boot Image: Primary
Kell van Daal
Respected Contributor

Re: Changing switch managment IP via telnet

With Cisco switches, configuring multiple ip addresses on a vlan requires appending "secondary" after the "ip address" command. Without appending it, it will overwrite it's current ip address.
With HP switches, appending "secondary" is not nessecary (nor possible), and thus it will not replace an ip address when the "ip address" command isused, but just add it.
Adding an allready existing ip address or subnet, will result in the error you wrote.
My guess is that you allready have that ip address (or subnet) configured.
You will have to remove it first, by issueing the "no ip address" command (or other ip address and the same subnet)in the right vlan configuration context, and then add the ip address with the command you wrote.
Alan Skaarup_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Changing switch managment IP via telnet

Here is the solution from HP support:
You should be able to manually edit the IP address through the menu interface of the switch. This will not cause the switch to reboot, but will end the Telnet session used to access the switch (since the switch will now have an new IP address).

First type "menu" into the command line.

Then go to 2. Switch Configuration -> 5. IP Configuration.

From this screen, select Edit and use either the Tab or arrow keys to highlight the IP Address for the VLAN in question.

Enter the new IP address and press Enter to return to the Action line.

Select Save.