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Re: Cisco 2960-CX vs 3560-CX


Cisco 2960-CX vs 3560-CX

As the Cisco Catalyst Compact switch 3560-CX and 2960-CX bring a multifold improvement with increased bandwidth, double the PoE capacity, faster CPU, and more memory. More network users want to know what's the difference between them ? Which one is better to choose?

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Re: Cisco 2960-CX vs 3560-CX

I would go with a Procurve 3800 if you need Layer3 features, this provides stacking as well, which the 3560 does not.

If all you need is a Layer2 switch, the Procurve 2920 is much better than the 2960, which is a 10-year-old switch.

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Re: Cisco 2960-CX vs 3560-CX

It Totally depends on your need and requirements Cisco 2960-CX switch OR 3560-CX switches, Both are best for small and middle-sized businesses.