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Cisco 3020 - C-Class switch

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Cisco 3020 - C-Class switch


I have a problem, where someone has asked if you have to replace a switch in a C7000 enclosure. When you insert the new blank switch on the left hand side, does this copy the config over to the 2nd switch?

As we don't want to be blanking out a perfectly good configuration which is saved on the switch. Shouldn't the config of how the switches are set, i.e. VLANS be saved on the OA and shouldn't they be copied on after the new blank switch has been inserted?
Jack Howes
Frequent Advisor

Re: Cisco 3020 - C-Class switch

The cisco3020 switches are independent switches. Vlan information can be automatically be replicated from one switch to the other via VTP, if the switches are set up in the same VTP domain and have the same domain password. You'd have to make sure that the VTP configurtaion revision on the new switch is less than the VTP revision level on the up and running switch.

As you suggest maybe there's a way to have the VLAN saved to the OA, but if there is I'm not familiar with that procedure.