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Cisco 6000

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Cisco 6000

I have a BDC Proliant ML370 with an intigrated Nc3163 fast enet card. Which cannot connect to the network. when I plug it into the hub it flucutates between 1/2 and full duplex. both are set to auto. is their an upgrade I should install to make the card work with the cisco 6000?
Frederic Zeller
Honored Contributor

Re: Cisco 6000


As a general rule for each NIC/Switch connection :

In most case auto/auto and fix/fix work fine

but in some cases auto/auto or fix/fix is a nightmare

( and in *all* cases Auto/fix and fix/auto is higly unrecommanded )

I've seen it with differnets NICs and different switches.
( and of course, it can change with a switch OS upgrade and a NIC upgrade too )

-> In your case : Just try to fix the speed on both sides

In many cases, it's the setting that works the best


Why should I bother ? The problem will be gone with the next release ...