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Cisco Pix 506E firewall configuration


Cisco Pix 506E firewall configuration


I have been working on the configuration of the Pix 506E.
and the scenerio of the connection is as follows.

We have clients who are supposed to be connecting to our server through the Firewall.

the pix is in between hubs from both sides.

Now using the following configuration Iam only able ping the inside address but I can't ping the server.
Below is the configuration:-

#hostname hqdev
#domain-name hqdev
#enable password ****
#nameif ethernet0 outside security0
#nameif ethernet100 inside security100
#interface ethernet0 auto
#interface ethernet1 auto
#ip address outside
#ip addres inside
#name hqdev
#name client
#name ??? pix-gateway Note: that I didn't indicate the gateway since I don't know it.
#route inside pix-gateway 1
#static(inside,outside) client hqdev
#access-list client permit tcp any host client
#access-list client permit udp any host client
#access-list client permit icmp any any
#access-group client interface inside
#access-group client interface outside
#telnet inside
#telnet timeout 10
#wr memory.

This was the steps I took to configure the Pix.
Quetsions are:
1. since the pix is between the hubs which Ip address should I use as the gateway?
2. I can only ping up to but I can't ping which is the server. where Iam I missing it? Please help

Thanks for your usual support.