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Cisco SRW248G4

Piotr Kirklewski
Super Advisor

Cisco SRW248G4

Hi There

I was playing with my Linksys switch some time ago and I've set an IP range that I don't remember. There is no "reset to factory defaults" button on this switch, so configuring it via web interface is impossible at the moment.
I was trying to unlock the switch as described here:



Hyper terminal says "Connected" but I can't see the boot sequence at all :(

Please help.

Best regards

Jesus is the King
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: Cisco SRW248G4

little strange to post linksys question in HP forum?

the "connected" from Hyperterm only means "connected to the serial port of the PC".

I assume you used the correct serial cable?
as also noted in the article.
and did you try different baudrates?

If the console speed is fixed you don't need to reboot every time, you can play around with settings (or cable) untill the switch responds on an with a prompt or asks for a password.
if you come close, you'll see some "garbage" characters.
If no respons at all you probably got the wrong cable.

if autobaud detection is on, this best works on lower speeds.
configure hyperterm to 19200 or 9600 baud.
power on the switch and do .