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Cisco Switch 9216A

Rafael Zarate Jr
Occasional Visitor

Cisco Switch 9216A

I have a Cisco switch 9216A that I cannot get device manager to come up. When I enter the loging and password to launch device manager it returns with "Invalid Auth Password or Wrong Digest". 2nd Question: How can I reset the 9216A Cisco Switch back to default settings. I know that you can use the CLI and run setup. But, that only allows me to change running config. I want to wipe all config and start from the begining as if the switch had come from Cisco?
Roger Lau_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: Cisco Switch 9216A

You need to reset the snmp-server password for whatever account you use for snmp:

config t
snmp-server user auth md5

If you want to wipe out your settings, try

write erase