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Cisco and ProCurve Manager 4 Discovery

Frequent Advisor

Cisco and ProCurve Manager 4 Discovery

Hi all,


at the moment I'm testing HP ProCurve Manager 4 because of the Cisco support. And that's the Problem.

There are 6 Cisco Switches in my 150 HP-Switch Network.

2x C3750E (12.2 (53r)) in the Seed- and PCM-Network, 2x C3750 (12.2 (50)) in another Network and 2x C3560 (12.2 (35)) in another Network. All with CDP enabled.

The First pair was discovered completely, only the traffic register didn't work. The other Switches I had to discover manually and they don't show any links...


Is there anybody who knows why the links won't be discovered and how to get the traffic information?


Thx in advanced!

Frequent Advisor

Re: Cisco and ProCurve Manager 4 Discovery

If I modify the .OID Files cisco-3560.OID or cisco-3750.OID nothing happens.

I added isLldpMed=true and changed CDP to: isCDP=false. But in MapView the discovery protocol of the Switch is again CDP...

I'm frustrated, with this lag of compatibility. Next week I will install an agent in the other subnet.


Any suggestions?