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Cisco / hp2524 VLAN trunk and vtp issues

Goran Andersson
Occasional Visitor

Cisco / hp2524 VLAN trunk and vtp issues


We got a network consisting of 10-15 hp 2524 switches. Everything on the same /24 subnet.

Now I want to do a few alterations.
* Segment the network into VLAN segments with the inter VLAN routing situated in a (new) Cisco 3560 I am going to place inside the FW.
* Extend the network with a few cisco 2960 switches. Between all the switches I want to trunk the VLANs so all the VLANs are accessible from all switches.

1. I am not really sure how to set up the trunk between the HP and Cisco switches.
2. I want to define the VLAN database in the c3560. How do I get the 2524 to accept the VTP info from the C2960?

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Cisco / hp2524 VLAN trunk and vtp issues

You won't be able to get them to talk VTP as that's a proprietary Cisco protocol. You should be able to get GVRP working however.

For a very basic overview, on the 2524 you would create the VLANs, then on the uplink port leave the default VLAN 1 as untagged, and tag all the other VLANs.

On the Cisco you create the same VLANs and make it a trunk port using 802.1q encapsulation.
Holger Hasenaug
Trusted Contributor

Re: Cisco / hp2524 VLAN trunk and vtp issues

VTP-GVRP interaction is possible on Cisco switches running CatOS 5.3 or higher. These Catalyst switches can be configured to distribute the VTP learned or configured VLANs via GVRP to HP ProCurve switches.

But Cisco never implemented GVRP on Cisco IOS switches. Therefor you need to configure the VLANs manual on the Cisco-HP links:

Cisco example:
interface x/y
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,10,20,30,40
switchport mode trunk
switchport nonegotiate

HP example:
vlan 1
vlan 10
vlan 20
vlan 30
vlan 40