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Cisco management not working

Don Sharp
Occasional Contributor

Cisco management not working

I have a stack of Cisco Catalyst 3524s which I've found to be pretty decent switches. Previously I've had no issue with using the web management to configure Spanning tree, fast etherchannel etc as required. This was done through IE using MS Java support. Recently (I think after some court settlement) when I went to use Java it installed some strange version of Java(Sun?) on my notebook. Now I can't connect to the switch anymore to do management - I get the basic interface, but when I go to connect I get some Java error messages appearing on the screen and then nothing.

Any ideas?
Jerome Henry
Honored Contributor

Re: Cisco management not working

You need a Java plugin, version 1.2.2 if you use Cisco view version 5.4(2) to 5.5(3), and Java plugin 1.3 if you use CW 5.4(3).
What must have happened is that you Java installed must ahve replaced plugin by an older version.
You can suppress it and re-download the correct version here :
It's the JRE page.
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