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Compaq KVM Series 4110

Thomas Egner
Occasional Visitor

Compaq KVM Series 4110

Hi everybody,
I do not know if this is the correct forum, have looked around but not found anything better. If yes, pls. give me advice.
I got an Compaq KVM 4110 Series from my neighbour, unfortunately without any manual. O.K. PrintScreen brings me to the setup menu, that all I know until now. Have checked the website but did not find any manual.
I now have the problem, that not all PC attached to the KVM switch work, video does, but mouse an keyboard don't. Keyboard works until Windows comes up. But then the whole operation stops and the PC just reboots. Changing Ports is of no help. Any idea on this? Or an idea where to find a manual?
Firmware says 1.6.11, Hardware 1 3 8 port, DIP Switch F. What I noticed that there are different entries for keyboard and mouse for the different ports.
Had a look at eBay to find out if such Switches are still offered. Found some but they hab a different Number (147091). For these switches I found at least an update for the firmware, but also no manual. And the devices look differently, 4110 has a network looking port backside, these a RS232.
Thanks for any help, Thomas

Re: Compaq KVM Series 4110

are you still experiencing the problems?

I also have a series 4110, and I have been trying to find manuals.

Others have reported that the sales part number of this KVM is 242695-001 for the 8 port.

The firmware can only be upgraded via a chip.

The best document I found so far is an Avocent Doc, which I will attach.

I'll post the location of better docs as I find them.

Re: Compaq KVM Series 4110

I could definitely use manual(s) for the 4110 series. We have several of them and I need some answers.
I have one that won't bring up the setup menu (Print Screen) and I need to cascade at least two of them together.
One still brand new and the other two have been in production for quite some time. I can't believe HPs website cannot provide user manuals for them.

Re: Compaq KVM Series 4110

MORE searching yielded this:

Still does not address my PARTICULAR model (w/RJ-48-style aux port on switch), but is at least a Compaq document.

Quick overview document: