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Compatibility of hp4000 vs hp6108

Marc Villeneuve_1
Regular Advisor

Compatibility of hp4000 vs hp6108

We have an hp4000 with a gigabit module pluged in a hp6108 with RJ45. The 6108 not working in gigabit connection with the hp4000, only in 100mb. Is there an incompatibility with both device? Is there a different patern for the connection to make the RJ45 connector?

Marc Villeneuve_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Compatibility of hp4000 vs hp6108

By the way, both device are up to date for the firmware.
Chris Vail
Honored Contributor

Re: Compatibility of hp4000 vs hp6108

Is this connected to a Cisco router or hub? If so, this is a fairly common problem, and one not limited to HP hardware. HP and other vendors (Sun, IBM) all use a Texas Instruments chipset which is not exactly compatible with some Cisco hardware. Of course, the vendors all blame Cisco, Cisco blames everyone else as to why this is. It doesn't really matter--everyone has this problem.
The secret to fix this is to turn autonegotiation off, and force the connection at the higher speed. In HPUX, you do this through SAM. You didn't mention what OS you're using, so you're on your own for that.

Frequent Advisor

Re: Compatibility of hp4000 vs hp6108


If you are talking about an HP ProCurve 4000M switch with a gigabit module (not a HP4000 server), the only things I can recommend are:

1. Check the cable - the switch web management should tell you if there are errors so take a look. Worst case - try another cable.

2. Make sure the cable fits the required standard. Maximum length 100 meters, category 5E or better, 100ohm differential UTP or STP.

3. Try fixing the ports on both the 4000M and 6108 to 1000mbps Full Duplex.

Marc Villeneuve_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Compatibility of hp4000 vs hp6108

Hi. Tx for the answer you gave me both.

Yes it is a Procurve switch 4000m with a hp6108 Gigabit switch.

Both are pluged with 5e or better cable and the lent is not more then 15 feet.

In the 4000m we cant force the gigabit module port to go to 1000GB, only 100Fdx or 100Hdx. The port can go only on 1000GB when configured in auto mode I think?!? When we fore both port to 100Mb the link is good and working ok. But the main idea is to have all port in the 6108 to go in Gigabit to have fastest link as possible betwin all devices attached to the switch!!! We will have around 4 hp 4000 switch on it, so it have to work!

Anyway, we are planning a meeting with a consultant to help us with that problem and help us on somme advance networking.

All you answer are welcome!

Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Compatibility of hp4000 vs hp6108


I'd say first make sure you're running latest firmwares on both switches.

Any help?