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Conexant Soft56K modem dialing but not connecting

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John Wilson_8
Occasional Visitor

Conexant Soft56K modem dialing but not connecting

I have 56K modem and previously got 48-53K.
until two weeks ago, was able to connect to internet okay. Now modem dials repeatedly without connecting or connecting too slowly to maintain connection.

Attached is log of last attempt:

"Hardware hangup by lowering DTR" Any idea what this is?

I'm wondering if the modem itself has died. I've noticed a "scratch" or "click" sound on about the second digit of the outbound dial. Sounds about like the stylus of a stereo turntable doing a quick scratch across an lp. Don't know if that's always been there because I usually had the sound off.

Went throught ISP tech support to make sure properties were set up okay.

Thanks is advance.

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Conexant Soft56K modem dialing but not connecting

I wonder if your telephone line has gotten noisy? If you make a call manually to another number do you hear any odd noises? Does the person on the other end hear anything unusual? Hissing noise, crosstalk (other voices), bacon frying sound?

Try disconnecting all other telephones before you dial. Sometimes one of them will take a hit from lightning and load down the circuit. If it works better connect each phone up until you find the culprit.

Replace the phone cord on the modem and try plugging it into a different outlet. Sometimes the outlets build up corrosion. You may need to get a new one. If possible use a long cord and plug into the little box that the telephone company's demarc point between their wiring and yours and see if that works.

Take your PC to a friend's house and see if it works better or get a friend (preferably one with a laptop) to come over and try your lines. Does he have the same problem? Call the telephone company and complain about a noisy line.

Have your friend try and dial the same ISP. It may disconnect him if he is not a subscriber but his log should show what speed he connected at.

Replace the modem or change to a different ISP depending on the reuslts of the friend test. If you replace your modem look into buying a lightning protector which goes between your Modem and the wall jack to protect the new modem.

The hangup may be because you told Windows not to connect at speeds lower than X.


Re: Conexant Soft56K modem dialing but not connecting


What you can try doing is changing your port speed down to 57600.

Do this by doing the following:
Control panel.
Phone & Modem options.
Modem tab.
Modem tab again.
Change the port speed.
Then, click on the connection tab and add the following:


Try these steps.

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