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Configuring SNMPv3 for accsess with PCM+2.1

Sebastian Bitter
Occasional Visitor

Configuring SNMPv3 for accsess with PCM+2.1

Dear HP-Team,

I'm from Germany (Max-Planck-Institute).
We changed our Network Infrastructure to HP Procurve technology. Espacially Procurve 4208vl and 5400zl series.
We ordered PCM+ also. Now I have setup a Management Server for the switches.

I can discover switches with the "Manual Discovery Wizard" using snmpv2 and the group names.
Now, I configured the 4208vl switch using ssh.

snmpv3 enable
snmpv3 only
snmpv3 restricted-access

We have now the "initial" user with MD5 and DES auth.
And we made a user "bacmgmt" with SHA and DES.
We added the "bacmgmt" to "ManagerPriv" group.

But now, I can't connect via snmpv3 in PCM...it always says:

Connection Status

Testing SNMP communication for device xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Communication Error, please use the back button an verify you have entered the correct SNMP V3 credentials.

Best regards

P.S.: Couldn't find anything using the search engine.
Sebastian Bitter
Occasional Visitor

Re: Configuring SNMPv3 for accsess with PCM+2.1

Problem Solved, ready to close.