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Configuring SSH in PCM

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Re: Configuring SSH in PCM

You are welcome Peter :)

You can "clone" configuration and deploy it on new switches with PCM.

To do this you need to create a configuration template to 2610 switches. Templates are assigned to one family switches.

But you still will need to configure a basic communication parameters on switches, because PCM will need some way to communicate with them.

You can read ProCurve Manager Network Administratorâ s Guide Version 2.3

The simplest way is to use Configuration Template Wizard:
In ProCurve Manager Network Administratorâ s Guide go to:
Managing Device Configurations > Using Configuration Templates > Using the Configuration Template Wizard

Deploying a configuration template causes the device to reboot.

Address pool in templates will allow you to assign a different IP addresses to new switches from selected pool.

If you don't like this way, you can do this by manual creation of some template.
Thereafter just copy all necessary command in CLI in global config mode and save config. Or you can copy this file from tftp server on new switch. But you will need to change ip addresses in that template.
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Re: Configuring SSH in PCM

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to add one more note: Once you have setup the SSH on your devices, in order to manage them via PCM properly, make sure you also configure PCM to indicate that SSH mode should be used to talk to the device....otherwise it may be marked as inaccessible...

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Re: Configuring SSH in PCM

given below are steps which would help you to setup the SSH between PCM and the devices:

1) Generate Key in PCM ( Global Preferences > Device Access > SSH Key )

2) Copy the key file ( will be created under server\config directory, by the name procurveSSH2.pub ) to the switch via tftp. Confirm it has been correctly copied by doing a "show cryto client-public key"

3) Generate key in the switch ("crypto key generate ssh....")

4) Copy the key from switch (do a "show crypto host-public-key fingerprint" and copy it ) and set it in PCM for the device via Device Manager>"Communication parameters in PCM" and pasting the key in the textbox.

5) Now do a "Test communication paramters" on the device using Device Manager feature to make sure the communication parameters have been successfully set.

Hope that helps!