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Configuring VLANs on a HP 2510G

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Configuring VLANs on a HP 2510G


I'd like to ask you for help with configuring VLANs on a HP 2510G.

Let me first describe current situation. Since there is already some network infrastructure in place and in order to keep configuration and maintenance as simple as possible we use only one IP subnet from /24 range. Our intention is to have couple of VLANs configured on mentioned switch type to separate communication/broadcast domains.
We have 3 identical switches, two of them for end users with one uplink (trunk) leading to a "main" switch to which a server is connected. This server serves as a database for all PCs in our network and has to be accessible for all PCs regardless VLAN membership.
In essence, we want to have several VLANs on one IP subnet which we will not need to route to each other but all of them must have access to the server.

My concerns are as follows

1) Since we have only one IP subnet available for all PCs, is it possible to configure it in the switch without any side effect (We do not want them to see each other - no routing is necessary)

2) Provided that all components are in line with 802.1Q, is it possible to have more VLANs on one (server) port so that all PCs can access it without seeing each other? Would it be sufficient to add the server port to all required VLANs, which are on the same IP subnet, or do we need to configure virtual interfaces on a NIC of the server? Please keep in mind that we do not want the server or any other network component to route communication through the different VLANs.

Basically our goal would be to have configuration depicted on a figure 2-23 of the documentation to the switch linked below

According to the picture our desired configuration should be feasible, however a technician to whom our idea was presented states that without splitting VLANs to particular subnets and purchasing additional router for VLAN routing is not possible.

Does anybody know whose side is the truth? Any comment would by highly appreciated, thank you in advance.