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Configuring private VLANs on ProCurve 5412zl switch

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Configuring private VLANs on ProCurve 5412zl switch

Hello there,

I have configured two private VLANs on a ProCurve 5412zl switch.  I'm not an expert network administrator but I'm managing this switch so I need to figure out the correct configuration.  


A first VLAN, MGMT, has been enabled for ports on two 24-ports 1Gig modules ( and a second, FAST, is enabled to use ports on five 8-ports 10GbE modules (  Both networks are serving a HPC cluster.


From clients (compute nodes) accessing both networks there are no "issues" as I can access both network between nodes by using SSH, but I have a problem when submitting MPI jobs by requesting the 10GbE network.  The problem appears to be a routing issue I don't know how to address yet but I'm almost sure this is associated with the switch.


I have tried three options when declaring the gateway for the switch (dunno if any of them are applied correctly, thought): 1. use so I assume I will be using a gateway the MGMT network to serve both, MGMT and FAST; 2. use; and 3. use which is a a router (NAT) for the HPC cluster (is the Rocks Cluster frontend).  None of them works fine.   This is my current configuration for the switch:



ProCurve Switch 5412zl# show running

Running configuration:

; J8698A Configuration Editor; Created on release #K.15.02.0005

hostname "ProCurve Switch 5412zl"
time timezone -4
time daylight-time-rule Continental-US-and-Canada
console inactivity-timer 15
module 1 type J9534A
module 2 type J9534A
module 3 type J9538A
module 4 type J9538A
module 5 type J9538A
module 6 type J9538A
module 7 type J9538A
ip default-gateway
ip routing
vlan 1
no untagged A1-A24,B1-B24,C1-C8,D1-D8,E1-E8,F1-F8,G1-G8
no ip address
vlan 2
name "MGMT"
untagged A1-A20,B1-B24
ip address
vlan 3
name "FAST"
untagged A21-A24,C1-C8,D1-D8,E1-E8,F1-F8,G1-G8
ip address


All ports for both networks have enabled flow-control, thought.


The main question is how can I configure my switch so both networks are well routed by using the switch as a "Local Gateway Case".  In other words, I want both networks to talk between them by having a common router associated with the switch or by using the Rocks Clusters frontend (


Any help will be greatly appreciated!




Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: Configuring private VLANs on ProCurve 5412zl switch

Put as default gateway for equipment in the MGMT vlan and as default gateway for equipment in the FAST vlan and they will talk to each other, you dont need an extra router to do this, the 5412zl is a L3 switch.


If you need to talk to OTHER networks then you'll need a default gateway on the switch, and possibly also a routing protocol to announce your networks.

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