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Conflicting info

Occasional Advisor

Conflicting info

You are using the 2626 as your routing device yes? It is capable of basic routing but don't rely on it too heavily.

From what I can see you are using IP routing command which on it's own will allow routing between all VLAN's without any IP route commands.

Also the IP routes go back to what is this IP address on? Which you specify in your static routes?

Personally I would create a seperate VLAN for your printer (Try to not to use the default VLAN) and do a static route from each of your other 3 VLAN's to that.

Using 25 PC's and 25 IP phones with 10 Misc IP devices I have found a 2650 to be on it's limit routing. My personal experience.

Also upgrade your firmware asap. That is extremely old version.

Occasional Advisor

Re: Conflicting info

Wrong area posted... doh!