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Conflicts connecting Dell inspirons to HP advanced stack 224t

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Conflicts connecting Dell inspirons to HP advanced stack 224t

We are having multiple conflicts on campus trying to connect Dell Inspirons to HP advanced stack swtches (224t). If we connect the laptop directly to the router it connects immediatly, the problem only occurs if we run through the switch to the Cisco router. The only similarities all the conflicts share are that they are Dell inspiron notebooks.




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Bob Trombley
Occasional Advisor

Re: Conflicts connecting Dell inspirons to HP advanced stack 224t


I'm not exactly clear on the topology of your network, but you may want to examine the connection between your Cisco Router and HP switch. I'll bet that this connection needs to be a crossover cable. Give that a try.

Bob Trombley
Mike Hassell
Respected Contributor

Re: Conflicts connecting Dell inspirons to HP advanced stack 224t


You may want to repost this question in a hardware forum, rather than HP-UX.

Anyway, it sounds like a classic duplex mismatch problem, where the NIC on the Dell laptops is having a problem "auto sensing" the proper speed for these HP Switches. Check configuration on both sides (Windows Driver for the NIC) and on the HP switch itself. Chances are both are set to auto, which in theory should work great, but in reality it tends to create problems like what you're seeing.

Try setting the driver on the NIC for 100 Full Duplex and see if things change. This can usually be done through the advanced settings on the driver configuration in Windows.

Hope that helps.

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Ron Kinner
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Re: Conflicts connecting Dell inspirons to HP advanced stack 224t

Sorry but Bob is probably wrong. The connection between a Cisco router and a switch is normally a straight cable. The only one which needed a crossover cable was the old one with the builtin hub.

Your Dells would need a straight cable to talk to the switch and a crossover to talk to the router.

Could you define conflicts? What exactly is the problem? What is failing to happen? What error messages are you getting?

I assume the switch has management capabilities? Can you see what duplex/speed combinations are established? Is it showing any errors? Can you ping the management interface from the router? From the Dells?

Are you running any sort of VLAN on the switch other than the default? Any trunking? Is Spanning Tree running?

What router/IOS and is it an Ethernet or FastEthernet interface?

Can the router talk to other devices via this same switch? Can your Dells ping the router? Can they ping each other? Are your masks the same on Dells and Router? Are they in the same subnets? Are you assigning static addresses or using DHCP? Is the switch blocking broadcasts? (If this is a level three switch you may have to explicitly allow DHCP broadcasts).