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Connect 2524 to 2824

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Miguel Bacelar
Occasional Visitor

Connect 2524 to 2824


I have 3 ProCurve 2524 Switches and intend to purchase a ProCurve Switch 2824.

What is the best way to connect those switches (connector type and / or partnumber)?

PS - I have a small network (5 servers and 40 workstations). Whould I be better with a ProCurve Switch 2810-24G?
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Connect 2524 to 2824


- Physically: if the 2500 switches are close to the 2800 switch, then a copper uplink would be ok
And if they are far away from the 2800, more than 90 meters then you need a fiber connectivity.

In case of copper uplink, i'm afraid that your uplink from each 2524 will be 10/100M so i advice you to buy the 3 * 100/1000-T (J4834A) transceivers, one for each 2524 switch and use it as an 1000-T uplink.

In case of fiber, less than 550 meters you need the following:
- 3 * Gigabit-SX Transceiver (J4131B), one for each 2524 switch.
- 3 * Gigabit-SX LC Mini-GBIC (J4858B) for the 2800-24G

I would go for the 2824 (J4903A) that have IP Routing feature you may need in case of multiple Vlans scenario.

Good Luck !!!
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