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Connect 2524 to WAN Point to Point with Tagged VLAN 512

Julien N.
Occasional Contributor

Connect 2524 to WAN Point to Point with Tagged VLAN 512


We connect our LAN to 3 branch offices using a provider (WAN point to point).
At the central office, the connection is made with a Nortel Accelar 8100.
We want to replace the Accelar 8100 by a procurve 2524 at the central office. We have only 1 link for the 3 branch offices that is given by the provider at the central office.
Everything is in the same IP range (no routing).
The specifications are :
- Port type VLAN Tagged 512 at the main Office
- 100MB Full Duplex at the main office
- 10 MB Full Duplex at branch offices
- Port type Access (no VLAN) at branch offices

With the Nortel Accelar, everything works fine if we set the port Tagged VLAN 512.
However we are unable to replace this connection with a 2524 despite we tag the port for VLAN 512. Can you tell me what configuration we should have on a 2524 to reproduce the settings of the Nortel Accelar 8100 shown below :

Nortel Networks
Accelar 8100
Port : 4/31

IfIndex : 286
AdminStatus : enabled
OperStatus : up
AutoNegotiation : disabled
OperSpeed : 100
OperDuplex : full
StpLearning : disabled
StpState : forwarding
StpPriority : 128
StpPathCost : 10
LinkTrap : disabled

PacketType : both
RateLimit : none
Last5Minutes : 3.1%
LastHours : 6.3%
Last24Hours : 6.2%

Port Type : Tagged
FilterTaggedFrames : No
FilterUntaggedFrames : No
FilterUnregisteredFrames : No
Port Name : Slot 4, Port 31
Default VLAN ID : 512
Port Priority : 0

Thank you,

Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: Connect 2524 to WAN Point to Point with Tagged VLAN 512

One thing that stands out for me is that the Nortel has been forced to 100-full duplex on that interface. You'll need to do likewise on the 2524.

I'm guessing a little here, but if the default VLAN ID is 512, you'll need all the edge ports for your clients set to untagged on VLAN 512, and the uplink to the WAN side tagged on 512.