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Connected device to switch port in PCM+

Ron Havlen

Connected device to switch port in PCM+

How do we find the information of a device connected to a 8212zl switch port in PCM+? I purchased PCM to be able to easily manage switches, including the vital function of being able to click on a port in the GUI, or at least get a report printout, that could tell me information of what device is attached to what switch port. I'd expect to at least find the IP address of the device, even if it couldn't provide DNS names or such. Anybody know how to simply and easily, within PCM, obtain the information of devices attached to switch ports?
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: Connected device to switch port in PCM+

This isn't really something that PCM is meant to do (or just something it's not very good at). You can see the details for each switch by right-clicking the switch in the network map view and selecting "find node".
But I don't know a way of automating this for every switch to create a complete report.